IT Nilsson

Software Development

IT Nilsson develops software for Android mobile phones and tablets.

With more than twenty years experience from the software industry we now strive to make the mobile phone more used as a tool and in the learning process

To see the our current releases please visit our section at Google Play


I T. Nilsson, Vitmossevägen 34, 13443 GUSTAVSBERG, SWEDEN

Tel. +46(0)857034667

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ArtWords WordSearch image
ArtWords WordSearch
ArtWords is a game for Android tablets and mobile phones. You are about to start finding words in a maze of letters. The words are associated with a theme and art and the quest for you is to find them.
Academie Libre image
Academie Libre
Find words related to art created by members of Academie Libre.
Seasonal Fruit image
Seasonal Fruit
Seasonal Fruit is a utility for Android mobile phones that displays the freshest and most nutritiononal fruits available at this time of year.
Seasonal Veg image
Seasonal Veg
Seasonal Veg is a utility for Android mobile phones that displays the most nutritional vegetables available at this time of year.
Live Placement image
Live Placement
A new way to check if an object will fit in. Preview with the help of your camera.
Mat image
This is a tool for the artist that helps finding fitting frames and passepartout dimensions for an image that needs to be framed.
ArtWords Producer image
ArtWords Producer
AWP is an educational tool for pattern recognition, language and spelling. You can make word games with languages and pronunciation.
Cat Flowers image
Cat Flowers
This is a toy for small children who likes cats
Pictagrid image
An easy word puzzle game where you search for the spelling of a visualized object